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hot menu takeout

Find your fix - lunch or dinner - we've got you covered.  Order online and pick up your hot menu favorites in just 20 minutes!
The kitchen is open Wednesday - Sunday, starting at 11am. Please place your online orders by 5:15pm for pickup!
All delivery orders must be placed by calling 540.208.1436

Super-Duper Food Salad  $18

farm greens, quinoa, legumes, lentils, 

candied seeds, salmon, vinaigrette


Seared Salmon Burger  $15

ocean greens, ginger aioli, confit tomato, 

teriyaki, brioche 


BWK Burger  $16

hunt country cattle dry aged beef, cheddar cheese, lettuce,

roasted tomato, onion, ketchup, dijon mustard, brioche


Fancy Grilled Cheese  $17

whipped herb chevre, aged cheddar,

caramelized onion jam, san marzano tomato soup


Steak & Cheese  $17

grilled peppers & onions, cheddar cheese


Hot Style OR Buffalo Chicken Sandwich  $17

HS: pickle, greens, pimento cheese, poblano ranch, brioche

B: greens, pickles, confit tomato, house blue cheese dressing


Chicken Tenders  $13

housemade honey mustard


Side of Fries  $5

parmesan, parsley, ketchup


Basket of Fries  $10

parmesan, parsley, ketchup, preserved lemon aioli


All sandwiches served with fries.  Side salad available to substitute.

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